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Совхозная ул., д. 1 г 446390 Россия, Самарская область, Красноярский район, село Новый Буян
Телефон:+7 (846) 972-01-71, E-mail: sladkodar@slad-prom.ru

About the company

Our mission is to create quality products according to traditional and new recipes that every family will enjoy. Our secret is that our production facility is completed with modern automated lines. Our principle is to work conscientiously and to be responsible for our work.

About us

We've been producing and selling cookies and marshmallows under the Sladkodarov trademark for 20 years since 2001. The production site of our company is located in the environment-friendly place - village of New Buyan (Samara region).

Over the past years, production has developed from the small workshop for production of oatmeal cookies into the enterprise products of which are in steady demand in Russia and abroad.

Our range includes more than 100 items of products: oatmeal, sugar, butter cookies, marshmallow. The quality of our products is confirmed by numerous diplomas and awards..


Production control at all stages of work: from purchase of raw materials to packaging of products. Effective quality management system according to the international standards ISO 2200-2005. The production capacity of the confectionery consist of 6 workshops. The factory employs about 250 people.

Confectionery History


Sladkodarov was founded in 2001 in Samara. At first, it was a small workshop producing oatmeal cookies, and it produced only a few product names.


In connection with the strong growth of sales and expansion of the output products range, there was a need to increase the production potential, and in 2005 the construction of the confectionery in the Samara region was started.


In 2010, the sugar cookie workshop was launched followed by the candy workshop in 2011, and by 2012, the confectionery had developed the production capability for marshmallow.


In 2013, the Sladkodarov Confectionery was awarded the certificate confirming that the food safety management system complied with the requirements of ISO 22000:2005.


In 2015, reliable and high-performance equipment of the most reputable world brands was installed at our enterprise. Lines for oatmeal cookies production from the Czech manufacturer J4, Swiss line Rondo for production of puff pastries, Revent rotary ovens, etc. As well as European packaging machines, icing and decoration lines. All equipment has wide functionality and allows to ensure consistent high quality of the products.


Increase in the number of Revent rotary ovens for production of oatmeal and butter cookies.


Installation of the icing line in the oatmeal cookies production workshop


Increase in the number of filling units to maintain high performance


Installation of equipment for automatic supply of raw materials to production workshops.


Acquisition of additional storage equipment to optimize the product transportation process.


Participation in the international food exhibition "World Food Moscow 2021".


Participation in the international food exhibition "PRODEXPO 2022".
Participation in the international exhibition "FoodWeek 2022 Uzbekistan"

Cookies by the rules- that's about us!

Sladkodarov ® cookie factory is a confectionery, one of the leaders in production of oatmeal cookies in Russia!

Principles of our work:

Quality and safety of our products

Quality and safety of our products

  • Production control
  • ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management System Certificate
Innovations and Development

Innovations and Development

  • Product range update
  • Mastering modern technologies
  • Equipment upgradet
On time delivery and quality management

On time delivery and quality management

  • Inhouse logistics service
  • Delivery to any place in the country and to foreign countries


  • Mutually beneficial cooperation is the main condition for working with our partners.
  • We want our partners to develop their business by working with us!
About the company

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