ООО "Сладпром" Адрес и телефон:
Совхозная ул., д. 1 г 446390 Россия, Самарская область, Красноярский район, село Новый Буян
Телефон:+7 (846) 972-01-71, E-mail: sladkodar@slad-prom.ru

Feedback of our products

Feedback are the indicator of the quality of our work. We value feedback from our customers and look forward to a long-lasting and reliable relationship in the future.

Sladkiy Vkus LLC expresses its sincere gratitude to the Sladkodarov TM for fruitful cooperation in the sphere of supply and promotion of confectionery products in the Penza region.
During the long time of our cooperation, your company has proved itself as a reliable and responsible partner. Cooperation with your company allows to get a high-quality and tasty product that brings joy to people. We express our confidence in maintaining the existing business relations and look forward to further mutually beneficial cooperation.
Our company is completely satisfied with your work and will always recommend you as a reliable and responsible partner, with whom it is easy and profitable to do business.

Individual Entrepreneur Bakaeva E.P. expresses its gratitude to Sladkodarov Сonfectionery for mutually beneficial and fruitful cooperation during many years.
Your company is the company with which it is interesting and profitable to cooperate. Every year you launch new high-quality confectionery products on the market and develop dynamically. I'd like to mention specially the cookies of the oatmeal group which was able to win their loyal customer and continues to occupy the leading position among competitors immediately after entering the market.
Sladkodarov Confectionery is the team of professionals who take a responsible approach to work and put their heart and soul into their business.
In the future, we look forward to strengthening partnerships and wish you every success.

We express our sincere gratitude to the Sladkodarov confectionery for stable and fruitful cooperation. We appreciate the strong business relationships that have developed between our companies, and we strive to strengthen them in every possible way. We regard your company as a professional and reliable business partner and we are sure that our further cooperation will be long-standing and just as fruitful.

Thanks for the great value for money. Sugar cookies are
crispy and there's a great variety of tastes. Special
THANKS for the Tsarskoe (Royal) line. The product turned out to be very tasty, high quality and affordable. Way to go!!!!

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